Durkin continues his record of deception and double-talk

by Mickey for Illinois | Jan. 11, 2018, 11:05am

“Members of the Burr Ridge Village Board are rightly considering a lawsuit against GOP Leader Jim Durkin for slandering a town he was elected to represent. As Mayor of Burr Ridge, I’m appalled one of our elected officials would make false claims against our well-governed village. What won’t Durkin do to get elected?

“Rather than acting with integrity and transparency, in the 20 years he’s been in office Durkin has only acted with his self-interest in mind. Under his tenure, the state has raised income taxes, property taxes have skyrocketed, and Durkin has passed controversial bonding legislation to the financial benefit of his law firm and the fiscal detriment of local taxpayers.

“Village boards across the state, including members of the Burr Ridge Village Board, work hard in the best interests of their communities, unlike career politicians like Jim Durkin who are more concerned with winning elections than truly serving the families and taxpayers who need them.

“It saddens me to see what some career politicians will do to get re-elected and that the state, county and township party leaders would be accomplices. Durkin’s lies must not continue. I stand for the truth and am running to be a true conservative voice for the people of the 82nd District, which includes Burr Ridge, Lemont and parts of La Grange and Western Springs.”