We’re missing a state government that reflects our values, addresses our needs and serves our interests. Are we going to demand better or cede the state to Mike Madigan?


State government should stop using our money to bail out Chicago schools and instead properly fund all schools to decrease our reliance on property taxes.

Families Fleeing

I’m running because I’m not going to be run out of town by a political ruling class that is ruining our great state.

Principled Leadership

The future of our State and the Republican Party can only be assured through positive, conservative leadership and free-market policies. Too many longtime Republicans take the easy way out and surrender to the Democrats rather than fight for fiscal prudence and our future. Families and small businesses are choosing Burr Ridge because they know we will fight for their best interests and our State leaders should do the same.

Property Taxes

In the last decade, real home prices have dropped by 21% in Western Springs, 24% in Burr Ridge, and 25% in Hinsdale. the highest property taxes in the nation. People are being robbed of the equity in their homes and precluded from seeing a real return on one of, if not the most, substantial investment they make in their lives. It’s wrong.