Meet Mickey Straub

Candidate for State Representative of the 82nd District

"The future of the State and the Republican Party can only be assured through positive, conservative leadership and free-market policies. Too many longtime Republicans take the easy way out and surrender to the Democrats rather than fight for fiscal prudence and our future. Families and small businesses are choosing Burr Ridge because they know we will fight for their best interests. I’m running for office to ensure our state government will do the same"

A well-known principled conservative, patriot and experienced businessman, Straub is serving his second term as mayor of Burr Ridge, which continues to prosper. He is also the president of Sales Activity Management, Inc., a faith-based performance measurement company in Burr Ridge, a husband, parent, Catholic and a community leader who led efforts to build a playground. In 2012, Straub visited 50 State Capitols in (less than) 50 Days to "promote Lincoln's principles and patriotism," and he recently became the author of an inspirational book, “BIG GOALS…Short Deadlines”. Mickey Straub is also known for having recited the Gettysburg Address at every state capitol and co-founded Proud to be Republican, LLC, an organization once dedicated to promoting the principles of Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln.

Mickey was first elected mayor of Burr Ridge in 2013. Burr Ridge is known as “A Very Special Place” because “it has very special people,” according to Mayor Mickey. To ensure that continues, his time as Mayor has focused on the Village goals of:

  • Preserve the Quality of Life
  • Prepare for the Future
  • Provoke Prosperity

Mickey was born and raised in Pennsylvania and received a degree in Criminology and Political Science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He started his career as a Special Agent with the U.S. Department of Defense in both Washington D. C. and Los Angeles then spent fourteen years in the insurance and financial services industry.

Mickey is also the president of Sales Activity Management, Inc. (SAM), a faith-based company in Burr Ridge, Illinois that was founded in 1995 to “make a difference” in peoples’ lives and careers. SAM provides custom performance management tools nationwide to help clients achieve their goals and has over 50,000 clients annually nationwide.